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Halo Infinite Confirmed As Project Scarlett Launch Title

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After the EA Play that we followed yesterday, it is now the turn of Microsoft and Xbox to entertain the large community connected with Los Angeles to follow the famous annual event. To be shown finally, after practically a year, is probably the most anticipated title among Xbox fans: Halo Infinite!

The first and most important news is that the latest episode of the famous saga will be released next year along with Project Scarlett. Halo Infinite will, therefore, be a launch title for the next flagship of Microsoft. A pretty good coup that promises to fill the dreams of much of the community from now until the end of next year.

In Halo Infinite, we will also see the return of the beloved Master Chief, awakened from a long sleep in the middle of space. The current situation is not the best: humanity has been defeated and is currently on the verge of extinction. Can the famous hero of the covenant wars can once again save the difficult situation or that this time it is now too late?

To know that, we will have to wait a little more than a year, until the highly anticipated title comes out in conjunction with the equally desired Project Scarlett.

What do you think of all these innovations regarding the highly anticipated title, have you been satisfied? Did you expect an output in conjunction with the next-gen from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below!