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Halo 5 Micro transaction Pricing Unveiled

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Halo 5 micro transaction pricing is out. This micro transaction will help you to earn RP points. This are called as REQ Points that you can earn when you finish a battle or different arena matches. This RP points will help you to unlock various things in the game. This include armors, skins, etc. This will be a kind of one time usage. The RP points are pretty simple to use, but if you think that you are not getting much in the matches, then you can also go ahead with Micro transaction buy adding some extra through real money. Also in order to use REQ’s in the battle players must have to attain a level. And then they can go ahead with REQ pack.

You can see below the game currency cost for earning the points. Below you can check there are three separate section of RP points. The first one is Bronze where you can get around 1250RP for a low price. The second is Sliver where you can get 500RP for $2 and the last one is Gold that will give you 10000 RP for $3. Using this will be helpful for players. It will also help you to earn more levels and win matches pretty easily using different unlocks in the game.


  • In-game currency cost: 1250 RP
  • Real-world money cost: not mentioned yet


  • In-game currency cost: 5000 RP
  • Real-world money cost: $2


  • In-game currency cost: 10,000 RP
  • Real-world money cost: $3
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