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Halo 5: Guardians 20 DLC multiplayer maps for free download available in July 2016

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Gameinformer has recently covered a new story about Halo 5: Guardians DLC. This upcoming DLC will be having around 20 free multiplayer maps for the gamers.  The game is all set to come out in the last quarter of this year, somewhere in the second or third week of October. An exact date is still suspense.

One good thing about Halo 5 will be a lot of free maps in it. And this is published by Gameinformer, officially revealed by 343 Industries. Along with this there will be a lot of new content worth checking. Full information about the game maps and other content is not provided. We might see that in other news in the coming months. Right now all we are able to find that the game will be coming with 20 multiplayer maps. First 15 multiplayer maps will come with the game and then there will be another 5 more coming up after that.  There will be also some new maps packs that are paid. Information on that is not yet revealed. Halo 5 is lot more promising this time and will have some amazing gameplay.

Being an fps game there would be lot more expectation from the game. The last edition was well made with a catchy story line. Right now making any assumption on the same is not effective. We are actually waiting for more appropriate information that will help the gamers to understand more about the game. The game is going to come on Xbox One only. And yet there is no clarification from the game developer whether this game will be coming up on other platforms also.

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