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Half-Life VR is in development, according to leaked code

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For the universe of Half-Life you may receive a version for virtual reality. It’s not about Half-Life 3, but it is a project that Valve is apparently working on. Although this is only a rumor about a possible leak, a mysterious code that appeared in Valve News Network seems to indicate the existence of a game or something called Half-Life VR. Will it be a degree of virtual reality related to the legendary franchise?


Valve News Network has published a video on its YouTube channel that you can see below, in which he speaks of the project being developed for Steam VR: Half-Life VR.

Apparently, it is said in the video itself and corroborated by WWG, since September 26 they have been tweaking the code that has to do with weapons and other items of Half-Life.

According to the site, the company specializing in Valve, a recent update of Dota 2 contains a code in which we can read the following message: “used to force HLVR player to speak”.

We’ll have to wait for Valve to shed more light on the state of development of this Half-Life game for virtual reality.

Half-Life is a first-person shooter where players embody Dr. Gordon Freeman. Due to an accident on the premises of Black Mesa, an alien civilization invades the planet Earth.