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Hajime Tabata: Final Fantasy XV is an incomplete game

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Hajime Tabata was interviewed recently by USGamer and on this occasion responded to one of the most frequent criticisms related to Final Fantasy XV: the game came out incomplete and the team is adding the missing parts with the DLC? Here’s the answer of Tabata.

In an interview conducted by USGamer, the game director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, responded to one of the fiercest criticism from players towards the new installment of the series: that the base game is not complete, and various DLC would serve to plug the left stories.

The producer seems to have very clear ideas about it, as can be seen from this short excerpt of interview: “It’s not that users have an incomplete version of the game and that we’re filling in the gaps now. Rather, we’ve already released the complete version of the game, and what we’re doing is simply enhancing that experience for people, or providing different styles of play for characters.”

“And again, this comes back to the point of Noct being the main character, the only playable character. We were able to focus on Noct in the main game and really highlight his narrative. With the DLC, now that we have the opportunity, the time, the resources, et cetera, we’re able to then turn the spotlight on to his friends – Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto – and highlight their stories now. I really believe that XV is Noctis’s game, though. It’s his experience, his life, his story. The DLC is really about his friends.”

Recall that today, Square-Enix has published the March update that includes new enhancements for Chapter 13, but tomorrow we will see the release of the DLC Episode Gladio.