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H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Guide: How To Win Matches in The Open Beta, Tips and Tricks

The Open Beta of H1Z1 Battle Royale is available to all PS4 users, allowing even the owners of the Sony console to experience the game with their hands. In this mini-guide we will provide you with 10 practical tips to survive in the games, so as to increase your chances of winning.

Being one of the first such exponents, H1Z1 Battle Royale proposes the classic “last man standing” deathmatches: a hundred players parachute on a large battlefield, hunting each other until there is only one left. A toxic gas will begin to spread on the map shortly after landing, forcing the participants to converge towards an ever smaller area. Meanwhile, top-level weapons will fall on the pitch, encouraging users to collect them to improve their equipment.

To win the game, of course, you will have to be the last player to stay alive. Here are 5 basic tips to increase your chances of survival:

1. Before diving into the Battle Royale mode, become familiar with the aim and behavior of the weapons, doing some practice in Combat Training.

2. Finding a weapon should be your first goal after putting your feet on the ground. But remember: there are 99 other players in the game, so take a good look around.

3. Master the wheel of weapons: you can carry up to two weapons from the beginning, but the backpacks of level 1 and 2 will allow you to unlock a third and a fourth slot for the guns.

4. Pay attention to the airplanes flying above you: the military crates falling from the sky can guarantee you more powerful weapons and better equipment.

5. Use the mini-map and compass to locate a vehicle: police cruisers, jeeps, trucks and off-road vehicles make collection of military tanks easier, as well as offering the fastest route to areas that are not threatened by toxic gas.

And here are 6 advanced tips to master the battlefield and win the games:

1. Do you want to engage in a fight? If you cannot wait to find the next victim, go up a police cruiser, press the right button of the D-pad to turn on the sirens and head to an airdrop.

2. Do you feel exposed while opening a military chest? Then drop a smoke bomb to create a cover by disorienting your opponents.

3. Molotov cocktails are a key element to survive. If used with the right strategy, they can force other players out of the cover, making them easy targets.

4. Do not get spotted by opponents. Perhaps they can tempt you to run along the top of the hill to get an impressive view of the area, but in this way you might get noticed by all the enemies nearby.

5. Move so that your head stays under the crest of the hill: you will still have a good view, preventing at the same time to make you identify.

6. Remember to upgrade your armor: standard helmets and makeshift armor are scattered throughout the map, but the most durable tactical helmets and laminated armor can only be found in airdrops and military tanks.

Recall that the Open Beta of H1Z1 Battle Royale for PS4 will allow you to try without limitations the Combat Training, Solos, Duos and Fives modes, with the possibility to consult the in-game store for the purchase of skins and other optional aesthetic objects.

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