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H1Z1 cut into Two Parts, coming to PS4 and Xbox One this year

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Available in early access for a year on PC now, H1Z1 prepares for a transformation since it will take the form of two separate games that will be both available on PC, but also on gaming consoles. Explanations are given below.

H1Z1 Game Screenshot

Massively multiplayer game based on survival, H1Z1 is available on PC since January 2015. Also in early access, the title developed by Daybreak offers gameplay in the same vein that of DayZ, plunging us into a universe filled with undead.

The development studio has recently announced that some changes will be put to its title. Indeed, it will matter to propose two games instead of one. The first will be called H1Z1: Just Survive (survival game), while the second will be named as H1Z1: King of the Kill (cooperative shooter).

They will both be available – still early access – on the Steam platform from February 17. The rate is 19.99 dollars for each. However, players who own the title (currently at 14.99 dollars) will enjoy the two games at no extra cost.

In operation, the owners of the PS4 and Xbox One will soon be able to enjoy one of the two games, namely H1Z1: King of the Kill. Its launch on Sony and Microsoft machines is expected during the summer of 2016. This will be the final game.

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