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H1Z1: Battle Royale Officially Leaves Open Beta and Launches on PS4

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Daybreak Games set out to increase the success of H1Z1: Battle Royale with its open Beta on PlayStation 4. The company achieved excellent results, as the game had more than 10 million players in the test phase.

Given this, the company decided it was time to launch the full version of the title and leave the Beta phase. As scheduled, version 1.0 of H1Z1: Battle Royale comes today to PlayStation 4 with a major update.

Through a statement, Daybreak Games reported that players can now get the Battle Pass of Season 1. The pass has 30 levels and is divided into 3 rewards alignments: free, premium and PS Plus.

The premium pass can be purchased for a price of $5.49 USD, while PS Plus users can enjoy part of the content with their membership service. The update also includes new weaponry, such as the RPG with explosive missiles and the SOCOM sniper rifle.

If the above seems small, it will also be possible to find the new ARV vehicle, ideal for a team of 5 players. The car includes a hatch so that a player can shoot from the top.

In addition, there will be new launch packages for players to customize their character. Among them is the Viper Starter Pack for $4.99 USD and the Hardline Deluxe Pack for $34.99 USD, which includes the Premium Battle Pass. Both packages will have a discount until September 4.

H1Z1: Battle Royale is now available for PlayStation 4 as a free-to-play title.

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