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Gundam Versus for PS4 launches July 6 in Japan

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Through the pages of Famitsu, Bandai Namco Games has announced that Gundam Versus for PlayStation 4 will be available in Japan from July 6 in Standard edition and in the exclusive Premium G Sound Edition. The first copies of the game will contain a code to download the character of Hot Scramble Gundam.

Today Famitsu has posted a preview of Gundam Versus in this week’s issue, also including the release date of the product in the land of the rising sun.

The title based robots will be published by Bandai Namco and will be available from July 6 in Japan exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4.

Among the Mobile Suits usable we will find Kimaris Trooper, Psycho Zaku, Qubeley, Nemo, Turn X, Blitz Gundam and Gundam Throne Eins. The publisher also confirmed that a new trailer will be released later in the day, today.

Gundam Versus will be released not only in Japan but also in Asia in the translated version with English subtitles, however there are no confirmation regarding the possible arrival of the title in Europe and North America.

Gundam Versus Gameplay:

Battle Supreme – Enhance your mech by surviving and defeating the enemies that appear in succession to clear the field. Between repeated battles, there will be a Battle Extra where you will fight with special rules, such as the 3v3 or boss hunt. You can play by yourself, but if you choose to do it online, the Battle Extra will be an open battle online in a maximum of six players.

Battle Test – Fight the computer to pass the stage. There will be different routes to be taken in the final version, and numerous routes through updates will be added.

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Battle Free – A single-player mode where you set its own conditions and settings, such as mecha and teams. Useful for practicing techniques and Mobile Suit.

Match between Players – Create or look for rooms to house a maximum of 18 participants in 2v2 online battles. You can also challenge overseas players.