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Guerrilla Games Enjoyed Death Stranding’s First 2 Hours

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After some years, Death Stranding continues generating more questions than answers, however, the credit of Hideo Kojima with the fans and the industry is sufficient for the expectation to be maintained, even though not much information has been revealed nor is there a release date. In spite of the discouragement that this could be, the hope is renewed every time when someone has contact with the game and the meeting between Kojima and Guerrilla Games had positive balance.

Yesterday we informed you about the visit of Hideo Kojima to the facilities of Guerrilla Games, responsible studio of the Killzone franchise and recognized for its excellent work in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Although the images revealed by important members of the studio made them think that they had only seen a video of Death Stranding, today it was confirmed that it was not like that and that they could play the first 2 hours of the expected title of Kojima Productions.

The information was revealed by Aki Saito, head of marketing and communications, who confirmed that the creatives of Guerrilla Games enjoyed the first 2 hours of Death Stranding, a session that had been planned by Hideo Kojima to present to the team what he has done with his Decima graphics engine. Although Saito stressed that the game of Japanese creative is not finished yet, he held the meeting between developers and presented an image that shows a box with the logos of Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games, which, according to his words, contains the secrets of the union between studios.

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The game session of Guerrilla Games in which they could try Death Stranding was described by members of the studio as something surprising, to the degree that it left them speechless.

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