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GTA VI Coming 2019, According to In-Game Alert

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During the last hours, several players of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of the Rockstar game, would have received a series of strange messages and in-game announcements during their games. This customary measure on the part of the company would not have transcended of not having announced something that nobody hoped: GTA VI Coming 2019.

The rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA VI, the expected sixth installment of the saga of action and driving in the open world, have been happening since last March. However, the proximity of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the size of the development of a game of these characteristics have been dimming a bit.

However, a few hours ago, hundreds of GTA Online players received this message when they started their games to the fifth installment of the series. Has Rockstar announced the game in this way and officially or is it a hacker attack?

Several players have rushed to deny everything by mentioning that the messages have appeared in the PC edition, something that could be due to a vulnerability in the game servers that would have been exploited by hackers to cause confusion with this message.

There have been no cases on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, although at least one user who claims to have received the message in its edition for PlayStation 3.

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