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GTA V Virtual Reality Mod download available

If you have a virtual reality headset of Oculus Rift and the game GTA V, it is possible to enjoy the title of Rockstar with virtual reality through a mod currently in beta phase, but already advanced enough and enjoyed acceptably.

GTA V Virtual Reality Mod

Many mods exist for GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), but here is one that has been rather promising. Called as Grand Theft VR, this mod can be used to enjoy the Rockstar game with a virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift DK1/DK2 for the occasion.

In development for PC in November 2015, this mod has enjoyed a new beta this month, offering some adjustments. The title allows a particular quality head tracking avoiding trembling during head movements. FOV (Field Of View) is also adjusted so as to avoid a zoom effect.

Finally, the movement and the aiming are revealed as separated, allowing to look in several management and without diverting the target trajectory.

To use this mod, you should be download it from the official project website at this address. To ensure the installation and use, you should have a PC running on Windows 64-bit, Oculus Runtime 0.8, the latest version of vorpX and the indispensable Script Hook V.

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