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GTA V to get Story-Based DLC: Rumor

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Since its release in 2013 on gaming consoles, GTA V has benefited from many contents, all geared towards the online game mode. An upcoming DLC, however, could focus on the single player portion of the title.

GTA V Rockstar Editor Pics

Compared to its debut, GTA Online has evolved: the online game mode of GTA V was offered with a wealth of additional content in the past two years, but all the players are not satisfied: many would like to see the countryside solo title with a few novelties.

It is true that once the title ends up in the solo mode, which nevertheless remains therefore in terms of content, it is rare to have the urge to repeat the story or wander endlessly without the real card goal or task to do.

Rockstar would be rumored, harnessed to the development of additional content for the single player mode, which could be modeled on that of “Episodes from Liberty City” out of GTA IV.

The player could well embody a certain Anthony Miller, present in the original adventure in areas of San Fierro and Las Ventura. We talk about casinos, horse riding, etc.

Rockstar has not confirmed the rumor, but the publisher has already announced its wish to “make a grand E3”. The lounge of the video game could be the occasion to unveil more information about it.