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GTA V next Patch to add Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One editions

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Rockstar editor is currently available on PC platform. This editor allows players to do a few extra things in GTA V game. It can be used for recording, editing and sharing direct gameplay videos. It works in the online and story mode both. RockStar editor is a kind of powerful video tool for this game that offers ample of customization options. Now this feature is also coming on gaming consoles. The next patch that will be released for GTA 5 will be adding this editor on PS4 and Xbox One. So that it lets players to modify recorded game videos and play with the same.

GTA V Rockstar Editor Pics
GTA V Rockstar Editor Pics

It would be relatively simple for players to share and modify the video they had created in GTA 5. Yet Rockstar has officially said nothing about the same. They might talk about this later. The update would also bring some fixes for this game. We are waiting for its final announcement. Rockstar has also rewarded many players who had shared new content via its community. This new content might be introduced in the game that will add more variety in GTA V. So this would be a kind of really effective solution for this game.

About RockStar Editor:

Create, edit and share videos of your Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online experiences with the Rockstar Editor. The Rockstar Editor provides a robust suite of recording and editing tools – build a library of captured footage using Manual or Action Replay recording modes, add your clips to the Project Timeline, use Clip Edit mode for new camera angles and fine edits, and bring your project to life. Upload your polished product to YouTube and the Rockstar Games Social Club to share with your friends.

Watch GTA V RockStar Editor from below video:

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