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GTA V DLC Lowlife download available in August 2015

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GTA V is going to get a new DLC. The name of this new updated content is Low Life. But yet a release date is not yet confirmed. The DLC might land in the month of August. The new DLC is going to bring some new exciting content for the players. Yet it is not clarified by the developer. This DLC might include some new vehicles and few extra things. We had tried looking on some news source where we found that there would be around 12 new vehicles for the game. And this DLC might be free. But this can be a rumor also. Also there will be certain new mission added. As far as we had seen this DLC can be a rumor also. So it will better to wait to get some news from the developer’s end.

GTA V DLC Lowlife Images
GTA V DLC Lowlife Images

GTA 5 is an impressive game and also one of the most popular releases. The game came first on consoles and then after almost a year of waiting the game finally came on the PC edition. The GTA series is also a popular open world game with tons of objectives to cover. This is the first time we had seen the game is getting new DLC that adds more and more new content in the game. The game itself is very vast. Recently some DLC’s and updates were released for the online version that offers some new vehicles and a mission. Let’s hope this DLC would appear soon.

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