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GTA Online Independence Day DLC download available now

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Saturday, July 4, is the Independence Day in US. To celebrate the day, Rockstar is giving out a new DLC for GTA Online. This new Independence Day DLC download is available for all platforms. There are few screens released on the official site here that shows American style of celebrating Independence. The theme shows a lot of patriotism, by having US Flag symbol everywhere. This is an Independence Day Special theme DLC for GTA Online. American flags are on cars, cloths, etc. There are some new challenges also in the DLC. You can drive a motorcycle, or a monster truck. You can simply go ahead with finding up Ammu Nations antique collection in the game. Also you can have fireworks through using the new Firework Rocket Launcher. This DLC will add a lot of new content in the game. The DLC also brings up two new locations which is Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills.

GTA Online Independence Day DLC Pics
GTA Online Independence Day DLC Pics

This new location will help you to do many things and celebrate freedom.  Remember that this DLC will not be available all the time. It is a limited time feature. So if you are planning purchase this then it is the right time now. A few things that you are going to get are 6 Different Beer Hats. You will get Statue of Happiness T-Shirt. There are around 17 new jobs and many more things. You can see a short list below.


  • 6 different Beer Hats
  • Statue Of Happiness t-shirt
  • 17 new GTA Online Jobs
  • 3 New Contact Missions ( Hard Labor, Time to Get Away & Pickup Sticks)
  • 14 new Jobs ( Across the Wilderness, Americana, Pyrotechnics, Falling Fast, Grand Senora Desert LTS, GTA: Land of the Free, Guns and Gasoline, Mud, Sweat and Gears, Panic Attack, Raid: Bunker Thrill, Road Tripping, Swamp Monster, Tour the Lake, We Have Lift-off, etc)
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