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GTA Online: Import/Export expansion will release this December

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Rockstar Games has revealed that Import/Export , the new expansion of GTA Online, will be available from this month in Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockstar Games has just released its new update for GTA Online, Import/Export. The update is quite full-bodied and adds a new session to the enormous experience of the game: this time our only purpose will focus on a single criminal activity: stealing cars.

The update will add new missions to the DLC, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, and introduce “Special Vehicles” that players can improve, modify and resell for big profits.

Import/Export also adds new wineries, and CEOs may have a garage/office with customizable interiors and an auto shop where it will be possible to save up to 60 vehicles.

Rockstar will share more details on Import/Export expansion and its departure soon. For now, the studio said that this content will bring “a unique breed of vehicular mayhem and destruction to GTA Online.”

To date, Grand Theft Auto V has distributed more than 70 million copies worldwide and remains at the top of sales in several markets. The company reported “strong results” in the second quarter of fiscal 2016, and Strauss Zelnick CEO attributed this success to the “strong and continuing demand for Grand Theft Auto V.”

It is clear that these figures do not refer to the number of copies that players have bought, but the number of units that have been requested in stores. In May, Take-Two said that GTA V had moved 65 million units.