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GTA Online Freemode Update download available on September 15 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

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GTA Online soon will be getting a new update that will add a Freemode in the game. This update is all set to release in the month of September 15 this year. And it will be coming on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The update will add this impressive free mode that will let players to explore more areas. With this the update will also bring a lot of fixes for the issues.

GTA Online Freemode Update Image
GTA Online Freemode Update Image

GTA 5 came out with a multiplayer mode also. But due to lack of open free mode there were issues among players because they had to wait for quite a long time in order to get in the game. Now the free mode will help players to explore the region and later on they can join a match anytime when it is free. This Free mode will be a kind of add-on for GTA Online and this will also put some new activities for the players. This will be available in the free mode open world. One among them is King of the Castle, Hunt the Beast, etc. So there will be lot of people who would be waiting to get this free mode to test out more things in the game.

Now this new add-on will let players to test out some new features also. You can just go in the Freemode and target anyone. It will be loaded with many players around the globe doing their own thing. There are new challenges also that will let players to spend more time in the Freemode session. You can read more the features on the official Rockstar website here.