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GTA Online Cunning Stunts update download available on March 14

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In the next week you can look forward to a new special event within GTA Online, called the ‘Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit’, including 20 new stunt races which is specially designed for Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua.

GTA Online allows us to participate in the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit Update on 20 new daring stunt races.

The collection of stunt races has been specially tailored to the unique characteristics and abilities of these vehicles and will be available in GTA Online on Tuesday, March 14th. Also on Tuesday, Legendary Motorsport takes the classically designed Progen GP1 into its impressive range of super sports cars.

To prepare you for the special car races next week, Rockstar will be presenting a series of new GTA online bonuses this weekend, including on Monday, March 13th, (in addition to the current offers including the double GTA$ & RP in Stunt racing).

Emerging bosses can buy their own high-rise with a 25% discount on offices and company garages and then use CEO bonuses throughout the weekend. In order to satisfy your hunger for chaos and equip you for Tuesday, Warstock reduces the SecuroServ prices for special vehicles.

Special vehicle missions also give you double GTA$ & RP throughout the weekend. Thus, you can earn real winnings and at the same time familiarize yourself with the special vehicle of your choice. Life guards and staff will also receive a salary increase in the form of double GTA$ this weekend.