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GTA Diamond Casino Heist Guide for Players

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The heist of  Online Cricket Betting ID is perhaps the biggest one ever to hit GTA Online. In this heist, players have the task of assaulting or infiltrating the heist of diamond casino and robbing the contents of its vault. The venue has been taken over by the Duggan crime family, corrupt Texan petrochemical magnates.

The mission demands careful planning so that you can walk away with the maximum loot possible. Today, fewer people hit up land-based casinos to gamble, as most prefer to play online casino games in the virtual read, so check out some helpful reviews, read our tips and complete the heist of diamond casino with your criminal crew!

Support Crew

Always look to pick the least expensive driver and go for the Sentinel Classic. Unless you are planning on going in guns blazing, always opt for the cheapest gunman as well. However, do not look to cut corners and save money when it comes to a hacker. If you get a good one, you’ll get more time in the vault. We suggest Paige Harris or Avi Schwartzman. You can unlock the first one by owning a Terrorbyte, and the latter, you can get by destroying 50 signal jammers.

Potential Loot

There are four possible contents in the vault. These are Artwork, Cash, Diamonds, and Gold and Diamonds. Cash is worth the least, while Diamonds last forever, so they are the most valuable.  Sadly, you have no control over what you find inside, as it is random.

The Big Con Approach

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It is the easiest method. Use Gruppe Sechs disguises for entry and firefighter ones for your exit. Be careful and look to leave the vault before the timer reaches 0:00, to remain unseen, which also holds for the Silent and Sneaky approach. Leave through the staff lobby, and make sure to obtain level-two security passes. Always do this, as these will let you swipe through the doors, with no hacking required. The Patrol Routes prep is helpful here, so we suggest you do it Cricket ID.

Silent and Sneaky Approach

Look to both enter and exit through the staff lobby. You can use the EMP device to shut off the cameras and lights. It is especially necessary after exiting the vault. Infiltration suits will give you night vision goggles, which will enable you to see after you have activated the EMP. Both the Patrol Routes and the Security Intel preps are useful here, so complete both. Leave the vault around 20 seconds before the timer hits 0:00.

Aggressive Approach 

Come in through the sewers and look to leave via the staff lobby. You’ll need reinforced armour, and unlike the previous two approaches where you can skip the Duggan Shipments prep, you should do it here. Though the Patrol Routes and Security Intel preps are useless here, so skip. You should also be able to do without the Boring Machine. Equipped with this info, you are ready to go in shoot up the place and take the vault by force.