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GTA 6: When Rockstar will release the game? All Speculations of the Game!

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Grand theft auto is one of the biggest game of all time, and now GTA 6 is getting popularity nowadays. However, spoilers are saying that the game will not release very soon.
Let’s talk about it, but we don’t know the reasons for the delay. Game lovers are doing speculations regarding the announcement.

The game is far away; however, we expect that the game will arrive in early 2021 because Rockstar is working for this. Here we will talk about all the possible rumors of GTA 6.


Why Developers did not Confirm Release Date?

Developers did not tell about the release date of the game; therefore, rumors are all around the game. Rockstar did not make any official news regarding the release date; thus, everyone is making assumptions only.

There could be many reasons for the delay, such as maybe the game is in the developing phase. Rockstar always surprises their fans by showing the glimpse of the game; therefore, it means that the game is not ready for the exhibition yet.

On the other side, there are also chances that Rockstar is taking advantage of rumors for remaining in the limelight.

Platforms for Game

The platform is an important high concerned issue for the game. PS4 and Xbox One will not get the game, so the only next-gen consoles will get their hands on the game.

GTA never break the rules, so the same features offered in GTA 6 like previous games. It is different from other open games, but fans really like it.


Microtransactions feature is an important feature of many fame by which players can get virtual goods in their games as well as a competitive environment.


Heists is one of the special part of the GTA game that expands activities in the game. Therefore heists should be added in the next game then would work perfectly.

Race Wars

Race wars feature turns the game into the shape. Fans really enjoy racing and also want into the next generation of the game as well.

Real Estate

A highly anticipated section is real estate that is all about fancy building and skyscrapers. in the game, you have the opportunity to have these as residence and business spot. Therefore, it would be a great addition if it remains like previous games.

Well, fans are now waiting and hope so Rockstar will announce the release date very soon.