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GTA 6: Take-Two Wants To Reduce Development Time

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Recently we have been thinking about when we can see GTA 6. Rockstar Games, as we well know, is a software house that has the courage to take its own time and dedicate the right attention to each title, in order to create a colossal work. However, there is the possibility that the sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto comes out earlier than expected.

This speculation stems from the fact that the CEO of Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, expressed some new ideas about the organization of their teams and their work. The CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has stated that he wants to reduce the development time of the games, to limit the wait between a chapter and the other of a series: he has however specified that a bit of freedom is however left to the individual teams (and if there is someone who should leave ample freedom of decision-making, it should be just Rockstar).

The goal behind this new strategy would be to keep the players’ attention high for long periods of time, relying on the regular release of additional content or supporting multiplayer components, even “at the cost” of offering games with a reduced D1 size (which would allow a shorter initial development).

Zelnick said that “eight years is probably too long” for the development of a single game, talking about the wait between Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. Obviously, we will never see Rockstar games on an annual basis, but it seems that the goal is to reduce time.

What could happen? One hypothesis is that some titles could offer, for example, a thirty-hour campaign instead of a fifty-one, fleshing out the content with DLC or trying to keep the players active via the online. GTA 6 could be one of the first titles to “undergo this treatment”. Obviously, without having details it is easy to fear that the quality suffers: the truth is that we do not have enough information to judge, so we hope to receive new information about it soon.