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Rumor: GTA 6 Codenamed Project Americas; Details on Plot, Settings & No Female Character Lead

Through the pages of Reddit, a new leak related to GTA 6 has emerged. The source claims to have contacts with Kotaku and PC Gamer who shared information never published; furthermore, the source claims to have a trusted contact within Rockstar who has not denied the findings. Obviously this is only unverifiable rumors, but nevertheless, they are interesting. Here’s what was said.

To begin, GTA 6, known by the codename of Project AMERICAS, has been in pre-production since 2012 (a year before the release of GTA 5). The actual production did not start until 2015, but it was nevertheless paused to give priority to Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a “Rockstar Worldwide Production” title: it is not being developed by one or two teams, but by every one of the Rockstar teams; it is, therefore, a large title (quite obvious).

The setting would be Vice City and a new fictional city inspired by Rio de Janeiro, with some linear sections set in Liberty City (which would not be open world, then). It seems that there may also be something related to Cuba, but the source is not certain. GTA 6 would take place in the seventies and eighties.

At a playful level, the goal is to find a balance between arcade and realism, but it will not be as realistic as RDR2. There will only be one playable character and he will be a man, not a woman as supposed by previous leaks. The protagonist would be an aspiring d*ug lord named Ricardo. He starts as a small courier who works for a d*ug dealer in Vice City, then moves to a large area of ​​South America; connections will be created with great d*ug lords and a career can be made. There will be several cities, as mentioned, and also a gigantic prison that will be important for the plot. It will be divided into “Chapters” and will be heavily inspired by Na*cos. The Madrazo family will also appear and, in particular, a young Martin Madrazo.

One of the focus will be the weather conditions: there will be tornadoes, floods and the like. Since the game is set over a long period of time there will be variations in the game world in a realistic way: buildings and vehicles will change, older ones will become more expensive as you progress through the game; it seems that there will be a complete internal economic system. This means that Rockstar has (and will have) a lot to create but apparently they have found a way to handle everything.

There will be a system for creating its own d*ug empire similar to what we saw in Vice City Stories but much much bigger. We will have a personal vehicle, which we can change whenever we want, and which will allow us to bring our equipment with us, since the character cannot have all the weapons with him, but only those equipped. There will also be a large amount of subtitles as in each area the characters will speak in the most common language: in South America, the characters will not speak in English, in Vice City it will be a mix.

Finally, GTA 6 will only release on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. The title is Rockstar’s first focus, but a minor title is also being developed, probably Bully 2. The source claims that there may be some changes, since the work is still in pre-alpha. A release date has not yet been finalized by Rockstar.

We repeat that this is a rumor and not official information: though, what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.


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