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GTA 5 Thanos Mod from Avengers Endgame Available Now

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The “JulioNIB” modder has released a new mod for GTA 5. This mod brings Marvel’s Thanos from Avengers Endgame to the Rockstar Open World title.

Similar to its Iron Man and Hulk mods, this Thanos mod features many unique and mechanical combat controls. For example, Thanos can fire power, power wave, earth power wave and ground strike with the power stone. Thanos can also create a portal with space stone and launch meteors by combining space and power stones.

In addition, Thanos can control the mind and turn a victim into a bodyguard, slow down time, steal people’s souls, resurrect dead pedestrians using a telekinesis attack. If you want a taste of this mode then you can download this mod at this address.

Check out the Marvel Thanos Endgame video for GTA 5 below:

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