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GTA 5 Redux Mod download available now

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The famous ultra-realistic mod, Redux, for GTA V has just arrived as we learn from its launch trailer, as well as a note that summarizes what the mod has to offer in the latest title from Rockstar Games.


The Grand Theft Auto series has always been acclaimed for delivering various legal resources and cutting-edge graphics to the players, but even with the whim of Rockstar, some fans always give a little way to further enhance the experience of games.

Developed by Josh Romito – yes, one guy did all the work – Redux is an exquisite work that takes care of almost all the visual details of the latest title of GTA 5 and even adds several features to enhance the gameplay.

We can say that the improvements offered by the Redux mod are numerous, very numerous, if you have never heard of this mod, know that it helps to make the title of GTA V even more realistic, for example by displaying real brands of the game, the much improved graphics, vehicle damage have also been revised, improved textures and so on.

The list is very long among the improvements, so what we must remember is that this mod allows us to enjoy a more realistic experience that Grand Theft Auto V. The download is free and is obviously now available at this address (finally, when the site will be available again as there are so many people trying to download the mod making the website temporarily unavailable, you can use Gamestand to get hold of it in the meantime).

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Well, so if you are expecting it, there it is now on PC, you must still have a good configuration to enjoy this Redux mod, so check out the capabilities of your machine before installing it.

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