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GTA 5 Redux Mod available soon

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The creator of the mod The Pinnacle of V for GTA V on PC announced the start of the marketing of GTA 5 Redux, a mod that promises to be the most impressive on the visual plan. First trailer was also aired that can be viewed at the end of this article.

GTA 5 Redux Screenshot

In any year beginning 2016, we learned that The Pinnacle of V was just canceled by its designer, for fraud. It was a photorealistic mod for the PC version of GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5). The author promised to return to the front of the stage with a new mod for the title of Rockstar.

This new project, called GTA 5 Redux, aims to be the most impressive mod graphically for the game. To get the first idea, a first trailer and a series of images have been published, for recognizing the current efficiency in its graphics rendering.

Work on the modification are extensive and the creator includes a complete “re-branding of every billboard and advertisement in Los Santos (200+hrs), full re-branding of every vehicle (not full model replacement (100+hours), real LA graffiti textures (100+hours), total physics overhaul (from cars, to weapons, to ragdoll, to flags and cloth, down to water, and foliage (150+hrs), full dispatch and police wanted level overhaul (100+hrs), vehicle model replacement packs (50+hrs), larger texture overhaul than PoV (covering MOST roads, beaches, grass, rocks, plants, and many ground areas in the country side and city (200+hrs), and much much more.”

For the curious, the official website is online at this address. For now, no version is available for download.

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