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GTA 5 Online Lowrider or Lowlife DLC download soon available

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GTA 5 Online will be soon getting new DLC that will introduce new set of vehicles in the game. The DLC is called as Lowrider or Lowlife DLC. This DLC is not bringing out any new kind of missions or any level. Rather it will add sets of 12 new vehicles in the game. This DLC is only for GTA Online players. The list is not yet cleared about what kind of vehicles will be there. But there is certain image of cars on the web that shows a few antic models. The codename of the DLC is Low. This can also be a kind of good DLC if there is some new stuff. Yet the DLC is just announced, but in the coming weeks we might get download for the same. It is also not clear that the DLC might have any kind of cost or it would be free. Most of the time the DLCs that we had seen are paid ones.

GTA 5 Online Screenshot
GTA 5 Online Screenshot

As far as we know the DLC would be free for all. But we are trying to find a little more information on the type of free content it is going to bring. There are very less DLC out for the online version of GTA 5 game. But it is the first time we had seen an online world for open world gaming. It is quite impressive and with mods you can do various things. We are waiting for the official announcement that can let us know a bit more about the game content. From July 16 to July 19 you can participate in GTA Online Prison Break Heist: DOUBLE SCORE WEEKEND to get a lot of extra stuff.  Below you can checkout the whole list DLC cars that are leaked and likely to release with the forthcoming DLC update for GTA 5:

  1. 0x95466bdb = faction2
  2. 0x866bce26 = faction3
  3. 0x710a2b9b = moonbeam2
  4. 0x86618eda = primo2
  5. 0x0d4ea603 = sabregt2
  6. 0xca62927a = virgo2
  7. 0x00fdffb0 = virgo3
  8. 0xaed64a63 = chino2
  9. 0x779b4f2d= clean voodoo
  10. 0xc397f748 = buccaneer2
  11. 0x94da98ef = tornado5
  12.  0x42bc5e19 = slamvan3