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GTA 5 new PC patch to fix frame-rate issue download available now

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GTA 5 is one of the most popular games of this year on PC. And this game has some issues related to performance and FPS drops. To resolve that Rockstar has released a new patch that would add FPS improvements. The patch is for those who are getting very low fps on their system and those who have already tried a lot of way to fix the same. Like driver updates, graphics optimization, etc; and yet not able to get proper output from this game.

GTA 5 Pics
GTA 5 Pics

The patch fixes issue that was caused by the previous Title Update 1.28 and it is available for download on PC only. There are very less updates for PC if you checkout all patch lists of GTA 5. The game is quite huge in graphics and does not work well on low end systems. The game also took very long time to come on PC since it was first released on consoles and then after long gap time it came out on PC.

The current patch is only for fixing up fps issue in this game. It is not going to make any changes or any modification in the game. GTA 5 is an impressive open world game with hundreds of missions and objectives. The game is also popular because of its different game MODS. You can add various vehicles, skins, etc; in the game and make it a bit more exciting to play. So here you can simply try to check if the patch is able to fix fps issue or not. It is not possible to remove it back in case if you face any issue.

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