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GTA 5 Fan-Made Back to the Future Video Tribute

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Back to the Future celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Also a fan of the trilogy published a video tribute to the first film, directed in GTA V with the Rockstar Editor. It sure is a Great Scott!

GTA 5 - Back to the Future
This year, Back to the Future celebrates its 30th anniversary. The first film of the trilogy of Robert Zemeckis that has marked several generations and this week proves to be very special for the fans. Indeed, October 21, 2015 is proving to be the date in which Marty McFly was sent to Back to the Future 2.

To mark the occasion, fans have made ​​one of the first striking scenes of the first feature in GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V). For this, the Rockstar Editor was used. It is clear that the record plunges us into nostalgia and seeing Trevor incarnate Doc fact is clearly smiling.

Remember also that a mod for GTA 4 PC can control the famous DeLorean. To this end, the modder have used numerous mods such as the “Back to the Future Time Circuits Mod 0.2” and the “Back To The Future – Delorean Time Machine Pack”. The scenes they had then backed up by the original soundtrack from the movie.

The finished video can be found below. Have fun with it!