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Grow Up Release Date Set to August 17

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Grow Up, sequel of “experimental escalation” Grow Home, will be launched on August 17 as indicated in PlayStation Store with a price of 9.99 euros – 7.99 to subscribe to PS Plus. It is expected that Xbox One and PC version of the game comes on the same date.

Grow Up

Recently PlayStation Store has revealed the release date of Grow Up, the sequel to the unique Grow Home that encouraged us to reach working of our way through a giant plant to climb that we grow, the game was recently presented during the last E3 at the conference of Ubisoft, and this is an Indie title with the support of a big company behind it.

Although Ubisoft has not yet said what the PlayStation Store has revealed, the release would be imminent in the next month, August 17, a date which is expected to be universal both geographically and in what regarding platforms, lunging at the same time both on Xbox One and PC as well. In addition they have also leaked the price, the title would cost 9.99 €, and two euros less for subscribers of PlayStation Plus service.

Grow Up continues the adventures of BUD, a robot who must collect the parts of your spaceship to return to the moon. It includes Ball mode that allows BUD roll on the planet and a new flying friend named POD. It will go for a minimalist graphics, with figures of few polygons and spot colors.

It is developed by Reflections and treated as a separate game within the company. It was announced at the last E3, held a month ago.