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Gravity Rush 2 will Release on November 30

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Sony has confirmed that Gravity Rush 2 will launch on November 30 in Europe.

Gravity Rush 2

After announcing the launch date in Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed that the highly anticipated Gravity Rush 2 will arrive in Europe on November 30 and December 2 in the UK.

The rumor that they wanted the exit of the game scheduled for February 2017 in the West were then denied and thus Gravity Rush 2 will be released simultaneously in Japan and Europe.

At the time, Sony did not disclose anything about any Collector’s editions, the publisher has, however, revealed the pre-order bonus: anyone who book the physical version will get an alternate costume and a CD with some tracks of the soundtrack, while booking the digital version from PlayStation Store you will get in addition also a theme for your dashboard.

Gravity Rush 2 is the return of Kat and Raven, now turned into an ally, and the ex-cop Syd, in a new adventure with new characters and mysteries as a guardian angel appears in the new images. Angel is a superheroine with an aggressive style of fighting with the power to regenerate your health.

In addition to the normal Earth gravity, in fact, you can also play with that of the Moon and with that of Jupiter: in the case of the first Kat will be lighter and faster, while in that of the second she will fall more slowly, but will weigh more and will cause a greater amount of damage.

Sony also recalled that soon Gravity Rush: The Animation ~ Overture will be released, an anime that connects the history of the original with the sequel. It is created by Studio Khara, known for Rebuild of Evangelion.