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Gravity Rush 2 online services closing in January 2018

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia informed today that it will soon be ending all Gravity Rush 2 online services. To be exact, the company specified that this will happen in the next year on January 19, 2018. This date corresponds to the first anniversary of the game in the Asian market.

What does this imply? Those players will no longer be able to send or receive challenges, treasures or photographs. In addition, you will not be able to access the rankings nor obtain Dusty Tokens nor the rewards obtained thanks to these objects.

To compensate this measure and that the players do not get discouraged, Sony will implement a special event called Dusty Token Acquisition Increase Event. As its name indicates, players will, from today, get a greater amount of Dusty Tokens online.

Thus, the chances of collectibles such as costumes, talismans and other rewards that will disappear when the online service ends.

Gravity Rush 2 debuted on PlayStation 4 in this year on January 18. The game has received DLC with collaborations of different titles, like Phantasy Star Online 2 and NieR: Automata. With the success of this sequel, Sony produced Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture, an anime inspired by this franchise.

Gravity Rush 2 also received a free DLC called.d The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice, this downloadable content will allow you to play with Raven in her own story, a character that accompanies Kat through her adventure.