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Gravity Rush 2 Gets New Gameplay trailer

Gravity Rush 2, a title that will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, had recently received a new trailer in which the studio has shown their free DLC and currently it is already being Gold, but they have now released more videos of the gameplay.

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a series of images of Gravity Rush 2: Another Story – The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice, DLC that will be downloadable for free in March by all those who bought the second installment in the series. The additional content will allow us to control the mysterious Raven and discover more about her past.

The gameplay came through a presentation at PlayStation Experience 2016, in which they showed the new styles of combat systems called Lunar and Jupiter. In the video we are also witnessing the brawler photo mode and time trial races. The presentation of these gameplay was made by producer Nick Accordino.

In addition, developers also revealed that players who will pre-order the game are going to receive the soundtrack of the director.

Moreover, Gravity Rush 2 will have a first DLC pack, called The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice, which will be completely free for all players as a courtesy for the recent delay of game scheduled for 2017.

The new release date of Gravity Rush 2 is January 18 in Europe, 19 in Japan and 20 in the US and UK.

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