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Gravity Rush 2 free story DLC The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice download available now on PS4 in Europe

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Starting today, March 21, Sony has made available for download The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice, free DLC of Gravity Rush 2 focused on the story of the character Raven and the events that happened in her past.

While originally released on the same day as Gravity Rush 2, the downloadable content of The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice finally shows up on the PlayStation Store.

This DLC, which is downloadable for free, puts us in the skin of Raven and allows us to enjoy unprecedented powers. The young woman will face the greatest struggle of her existence, which undoubtedly promises us stunning action scenes.

It is necessary to have the basic game to enjoy this additional content, which can be downloaded at this link.

The DLC can be downloaded at no cost from PlayStation Store, or you can access it directly from the game menu after you install the update 1.10. The story of Raven can be played alone, selecting it from the home screen.

Incase, you don’t have any information about this DLC, Sony has provided some details about this expansion as follows: “Lead Raven in her greatest fight in this free to download story add-on. Empowered by a mysterious crow, you can discover new gravity-shifting abilities as you return to Raven’s past to battle the impossible. Fall faster. Fall higher.”

Gravity Rush 2 is now available exclusively on PS4.