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Grand Theft Auto V Sells More Than 95 Million Copies

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The success of Grand Theft Auto V is not a secret to anyone; however, it is surprising that, almost 5 years after its original release, it presents a sales rhythm that is the envy of some recent releases. This has allowed it to now reach the figure of 95 million copies sold globally.

Take-Two, the company that owns Rockstar, reported the foregoing as part of its financial report for the previous fiscal year. There the company revealed that the Rockstar North title reached 95 million copies and that Grand Theft Auto Online, its multiplayer component, generated better results than expected.

According to Take-Two, one of the factors that allowed this achievement was the launch of Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As we told you before, it is a version that includes the base game, as well as several bonuses for Grand Theft Auto Online.

To put things in perspective, we remind you that in February it was announced that GTA V had sold 90 million copies. On the other hand, in a financial report that was published in May 2017, Take-Two reported that 80 million copies of the sandbox had been distributed. This means that in 1 year it sold approximately 15 million copies.

With this amount of copies sold, Grand Theft Auto V remains as the third best-selling title in history, being surpassed by Minecraft (144 million copies) and Tetris (170 million copies).

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. What do you think about this achievement? Have you ever imagined that GTA V would have the potential to be so successful? Tell us in the comments below.