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Grand Theft Auto V iCEnhancer graphics mod download available soon

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ICEnhancer Graphics is one of the most popular mod for GTA 5. This mod allows you to get the best quality graphics with minimum settings. There seems to be different version of mods available for GTA V that can be found on the net also. With these you can also download few separate add-ons to make the game look lot better. For example you can add Vegetation Texture Patch that will enhance greenery in the game and will give you more detailed shapes of plants. There is a separate Road Texture patch that will offer a lot more clear and realistic looking roads. And for more there is an Extra Texture pack also. Remember that these patches will also increase GPU usage. So you might see high temperatures rising as well.

There are certain patches under the same mod which is already available for GTA 4 which is worth testing. There are sample screenshot released officially on the Facebook fan page of iCEnhancer. This puts a ray of light on how the graphics quality of GTA 5 will be with this mod. There are gamers who are already facing issue with graphics output due to high GPU requirement, and this patch will surely put more pressure on the existing resources. Rather it would be better if we can get an optimized patch that can make the game work better on low end system.

For those who are having low end graphics card and playing games in mid or lower settings can use Low and mid-end configuration files.  The patch developer is also working on All-in one Package. A version is not yet out. This all in one package will give you one click install for various things. We hope to get the download soon.

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Below you can see an early look at the ICEnhancer graphics mod for GTA V:

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