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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Infinite Money Exploit Guide

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GTA series is one of the most popular open world games where you get a lot of things to do. This game is huge and vast. The latest one GTA 5 was first released on consoles and after almost a year later it came on PC. The game also has an online version where at a time 16 players can join and play. This online version works well on consoles and PC. Players on all platforms can join and compete each together. On offline mode it is possible to do some tweaks and get a lot of money in the game. But in online mode things are different. The online mode offers you limited options to run mods and cheats. But now there is a way through which you can get a lot of money in the game.

GTA 5 PC Patch 335.1

By having enough money you can buy ample of stuffs, you can upgrade vehicle and do so many things. And for getting money there are different levels which if you fail to complete will consume more time. But there is a short trick through which you can earn nicely in GTA V. First we saw this tweak on the web and thought to test it to see if it really works or not. And it does work. So just follow the below tips to get ample of money in the game and get rich fast. The trick works if you have unlocked Still Standing award in the game. You have to play and win around 50 rounds of Last Team Standing in multiplayer. After this you will get the award and then you can use the below trick. After getting Still Standing award you get some free chrome SUV rims that can be used to get money.

Checkout the below method to earn infinite money in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online:

  • You will need a Karin Rebels first. Try to get a rusty version that would be cheaper.
  • Now drive off for some time and take the vehicle to Los Santos Customs shop.
  • There you have to click on Wheels and then choose SUV Section.
  • In this look for VIP Chrome Rims. Just add them.

This will increase value of Karin Rebels that you can later sell off and get nice amount. On one deal you can easily get more than $10,000. So in this way you can repeat the process again and again and add VIP Chrome Rims on the rusty version of Karin Rebels and then sell them off. There was recently a patch released for the online version. But that did not cause any issues with this trick. It is still working. Now the trick is leaked on the web so there are chances that Rockstar might be working on a new patch that would stop this thing. So, as soon as any patch fix releases, quickly make as much as money you want now.