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Gran Turismo Sport will not be compatible with VR throughout the game

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Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, has clarified that the compatibility of the PlayStation VR for Gran Turismo Sport will be restricted to a way of Virtual Reality dedicated in the game.


Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator and producer of Gran Turismo Sport, announced that the game will not offer full support for PlayStation VR. Those who wants to race in Virtual Reality can do this in a separate mode that can be found in Gran Turismo Sport.

“It will be one part of the game,” explained Yamauchi, speaking to Eurogamer. “One thing we discovered in developing and doing the VR, to do the whole game playable in VR is going to be a strain on the players. You can see in the demo downstairs, there’ll be a VR Tour mode that’ll be included in the game. That showcases the VR effects.”

This is in contrast with the newly launched Driveclub VR of Sony, which is a complete game on its own. It is also in contrast to the current PC racing games including Dirt Rally and Project CARS, which can be fully played in virtual reality if desired.

The information comes through the launch event of the PlayStation 4 Pro in London, where Yamauchi attended to show GT Sport for the new and improved PlayStation 4. Support for 4K and HDR for GT Sport has also been confirmed.

Gran Turismo Sport was coming this year, but was delayed until 2017 to give the team “more time to perfect” the game.

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