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Gran Turismo Sport: How to transfer your cars and credits from demo to full game

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Gran Turismo Sport is coming out today in Europe and for the occasion, Sony Interactive Entertainment reminds everyone to import demo cars and credits into the full game. The company has also disclosed the (very simple) procedure to be implemented to transfer the save files.

The process is really immediate, just start the full version of Gran Turismo Sport with the same PlayStation Network account used to try the demo, at this point the game will recognize the presence of the save files and will alert you through a pop-up in the main menu.

The game will ask you now if you want to import the save game files, you just have to answer the question and wait for the end of the process (for a few minutes) to use the cars and all credits unlocked in the demo in time.

Check the procedure to transfer your Gran Turismo Sport save below:

1. First turn on your PS4 console.
2. After that on the main menu, just select GT Turismo Sport to load the game.
3. Now just make sure you are logged in with the same User Profile used for the demo.
4. After that check on the GT Turismo Sport main menu, an on-screen message will appear asking you to confirm save transfer to the full game.
5. Now simply select yes and a second confirmation of carry over data will appear.
6. This way the transfer will be successful.

Gran Turismo Sport is now available in Europe exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, with PlayStation VR support.