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Gran Turismo Sport Director is not satisfied with PSVR

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After a few years since the last title, the Gran Turismo saga will see the dispatch of another title in autumn, Gran Turismo Sport, which is determined to demonstrate the power of PS4, PS4 Pro and show the most realistic graphic quality on the Sony console. The title of Polyphony Digital will likewise highlight support for PlayStation VR and in E3 2017 there were demos to test the experience in a virtual reality environment. In that sense, the maker of the series and director of Gran Turismo Sport, Kazunori Yamauchi, talked on the subject with VentureBeat.

In an interview led by VentureBeat with Kazunori Yamauchi, maker of the Gran Turismo series, discussed the topic identified with the experience of the title with respect to its performance on PSVR, something that was not to the liking of the individuals who attempted it since it demonstrates a low graphics execution level compared to its typical gameplay. In that sense, Kazunori Yamauchi expressed the following: “The first head-mounted display was created before I was born, around 1962. I’ve been waiting for more than 50 years. After all that time, I’d hoped it would be something more incredible than it is today. But we’ve done the best we can with what’s currently available.”

Later, Kazunori Yamauchi was questioned about this situation comparing the first titles of Gran Turismo on PlayStation and PlayStation 2 with those that followed on those same consoles, opening the possibility that in the future games with great graphic display could arrive at PSVR, to which the creative said: “Once we get to dual 8Ks, it’ll be pretty nice. Dual 8K and about a 200Hz refresh rate. Maybe in another 50 years.”

Finally, the creator of Gran Turismo referred to the work that is done to integrate Gran Turismo Sport in a competitive scene, to which he replied that his idea is to cover 2 areas present in all sports: the professional and the one that appears in the Houses or streets, where anyone can practice and have a competition with friends or family.

Recall that Gran Turismo Sport will launch on PS4 in the fall.