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Grab Remastered version of Resident Evil and Saint Rows IV on PlayStation Store

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Playstation store brings up many surprises and today we are able to find that what it is going to offer you this week. This store is updated every Wednesday with a few new surprises. This time we are expecting to have a remastered version of two popular games. They are Resident Evil and Saint Rows 4. There are also chances of having a few good dlcs but yet nothing is cleared. There will be few rps games also that might appear up. A few names we are able to found are Ironclad Tactics or Citizens of Earth. To find out more go on the official store and from the left side click on New this week. There is a huge section to choose from.

Prime Highlights – Saints Row Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell – A new expansion for Saint Rows 4 where you will be dealing with a new quest where you have to save the Boss’s soul. This is quiet exciting and will give you lot of surprises.

Saints Row Re-Elected – There are few surprises also for those who are playing an older version of Saint Row series. Through this expansion you can share various Saint Row 4 moments with others. You will get the base game here with the DLC pack. There are around 25+ weapons and 15 new vehicles. There is new addition in the wardrobe and also there is new super power.