GPD Win 2 Gaming Laptop Announced, Runs GTA V At 38 FPS

The device has integrated game controls.

GPD Win 2 Gaming Laptop

The success of some portable platforms such as 3DS or hybrid as in the case of Switch have motivated the desire to have a system to carry on that is capable of deploying contemporary games and that does not lose much when going from a fixed and home environment to a portable environment. This motivation is what led the Chinese company Shenzhen to present its new gaming laptop called GPD Win 2.

For a couple of months, Shenzhen presented its new project at the platform of sponsorship Indiegogo, which is a small laptop designed especially to play some of the most important AAA titles of PC and that, in addition to having its respective keyboard, includes game controls. The GPD Win 2 laptop is the successor of the original model and has the following characteristics:

. Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor
. Intel HD 650 graphics processor
. A 6-inch screen
. 8 GB of RAM
. 128 GB M.2 solid state drive
. 2 4900mAh batteries that guarantee a performance of 6 to 8 hours

Although for obvious reasons it is not at the level of a PC dedicated to games, the GPD Win 2 laptop promises an optimal graphics performance and according to the tests to which it has been subjected, the experience in titles such as Grand Theft Auto V averages 38 fps in high quality.

GPD Win 2 Gaming Laptop

On the other hand, Overwatch runs between 50 and 70 fps on low settings; League of Legends maintains 54 fps and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim recorded 53 fps, all of these in high quality.

Currently, the support campaign to make the GPD WIN 2 laptop a reality is maintained at Indiegogo and its price is $649 USD, in addition to its initial goal of $100,000 USD was exceeded thanks to the support of 1,842 sponsors whose total support translates into $1,149,617 USD and the units are expected to be delivered in the upcoming month of May.

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