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Report: Google Is Working On A Game Streaming Service Called “Yeti”

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Video game streaming services seem to be the future of the industry. Everything indicates that Google is planning to explore this market with its own platform, according to a report by The Information.

According to the details, this platform could work on Chromecast, however, the interesting thing is that there are also possibilities for Google to create a console.

Like other services, the Mountain View company would offer access through a subscription. According to some people who know about the project, the code name of the service is “Yeti” and with it, Google would seek to enter fully into the video game streaming industry.

The Information ensures that an initial version of Yeti was designed to work with the Chromecast device. However, the Mountain View company has tested the service on new hardware, which would be the aforementioned console. The sources also ensure that there is a special control for such a system created by the Google hardware team.

The media says that the main developers of games already know the project, but it is not yet known if some of them will allow their titles to reach Yeti. The idea sounds interesting, but at the moment there is not more information about the service.

Google recently reported the arrival of Phil Harrison, a PlayStation, and Microsoft manager, to its ranks, so there is a chance he will work on Yeti.

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