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Google Stadia & xCloud: Only 15% of European Gamers Are Interested These Services

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It seems that less than 20% of players are interested in streaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud.

As reported by GamesIndustry, following a survey which has undergone some of the gamers of the UK, Spain, France and Germany, 70% of them say they are not interested in these services.

15% of the interviewed players (defined as players playing with any device) are interested in a Netflix-style streaming service for games in the four territories included in the study. The rest responded with a “not now” (12%) or already use a service similar to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud (like the current market leader, PlayStation Now).

Only 3% of players said they were “very interested” in this streaming service. The country that is most interested in these new streaming platforms is the United Kingdom, with 23% of players claiming to be interested (although only 5% are “very interested”), followed by France and Spain (14%).

German players are the least interested, with only 10% of players watching the services and 75% not interested. It is important to note that European players are not too worried about the internet connection. GameTrack asked players from all four markets to declare their concern with a series of answers. Well, 43% believe that their “internet connection is fast enough to play games” (23% disagree, while the rest is not safe). The UK is the most optimistic market for Internet service, with 54% agreeing that the connection is good enough to allow streaming games (the least confident is France, with 37% of players being optimistic).

However, 32% of players across the country have said that “they would worry about the Internet connection falling, which could interrupt the streaming of games,” while 28% are not interested.

Potentially, one of the reasons players aren’t sure that game streaming can go on without interruption is the popularity of physical games. In fact, 31% of respondents prefer to buy physical games rather than having them streamed. However, 27% of them would be more interested if the contents of the streaming service could be downloaded to the hard drive. 41% agree that the streaming service allows you to play games without having to wait to download the various updates.

Finally, 50% of those interviewed in the four markets declare that they live in a family with at least one subscription service, with 21% subscribing to two or more and 7% subscribing to three or more services. Netflix is ​​the most popular based on declared home subscriptions (30%), followed by Amazon Prime (27%) and then by Spotify (12%).

Thus, among the players of the countries interviewed, United Kingdom seems the most optimistic of all. And what do you think of these services? Would you subscribe to a Google Stadia subscription? And to xCloud? Let us know in the comments below.