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Google Stadia Release Date and Price Will Be Revealed Soon

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One thing is certain: Google Stadia has managed to enter the common imagination in a very short time and to arouse a lot of conflicting opinions. Among those who can’t wait to get their hands on it, like the famous Hideo Kojima, and among those who consider it a still unripe technology, such as 3D Realms, are in fact multiple points of view, both of the community and of the employees to the works. Already the fact of being on everyone’s lips is, therefore, a success for Google and its conception of cloud gaming.

On Stadia, however, there are many doubts and, in addition to the bandwidth required for fluent gaming experience and the performance offered by this solution, there are two particularly information still missing. To date, information on the price and release date of Google Stadia has not yet been received. However, the news should be arriving very soon.

As reported yesterday by the official Twitter profile of the streaming technology and, in fact, by this summer an answer will be given to these questions. A few more months and then we will finally know the price and the launch window of the highly anticipated Google streaming gaming solution.

In addition to these two pieces of information, various titles for Stadia will also be announced. Unfortunately, we have not yet known anything else and it is therefore not clear whether these future experiences will be exclusive for Google Stadia or if instead they are already existing titles for the console of the Mountain View giant.

To know more about Stadia there is therefore only to wait a little longer. What promised information will be revealed at the upcoming E3 2019 in Los Angeles or will Google choose a different opportunity to remove the last veils that still cover Stadia?