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Google Stadia: Reasons Behind Why Google Stadia Could Not Live?

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Google Stadia is revolutionary gaming and consoles and in danger after the announcement. Microsoft and Sony collaborate for cloud storage, and it could change the scenario of gaming, but things go wrong with stadia.

Reasons Behind Why Google Stadia Could Not Live?


Google Stadia is a streaming service and offers the best gaming experience. The amazing thing is that it comes with the advantage of portability. It is not a beneficial factor for Google as Games quality could not be up to the mark as expected. Players should move to consoles and PCs for better quality gaming.

Subscription Prices

the prices of Google Stadia are quite affordable; however, collaboration with a developer could ruin the game. In google stadia services PS Now is available for $30 per month. Google Stadia should limit the prices at affordable rates so that it could release smoothly.

Internet Requirements
the streaming services are based on internet speeds. High-speed requirements are available at the launch of the platform, and it would be a massive problem for the company. However, high-speed internet is a problem in many states; therefore, Google has to be very careful about it.

Game Developer Agreement

if Google Studios does not come with more games, then there is no more significant problem like this. Game developers skipped the platforms for profits and revenue reasons. Therefore axing Stadia to earn profits will be a good move for the game’s developers.

Game Publishers Agreement
Google is bringing more changes in terms of gaming scenarios. Google Stadia offers publishers to gaming subscriptions; however, it could be a bad move. For using Ubisoft Uplay Plus on Stadia, then users have to pay both companies to separate subscription services.

It changes the whole scenario, and that could be a threat to Google stadia because the players pay separately to play a significant game.

Moreover, it will apply other developers as they sell their subscription at any reasonable prices; therefore, it will be difficult for a user to pay double for a game.