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Google Stadia brings more than 120 games in 2020!

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According to Stadia community, they are bringing more than 120 games, coming to stadia in 2020. More than 10 exclusive stadia game will launch in the first half a year, that would be a great jump. Google clearly confirmed four games for 2020; therefore, the news for more than 120 games is excited for all the game lovers.

Moreover, Google is going to announce rolling out to stadia over the next three months in which four thousand gaming on the web, support for Android users, wireless gameplay on the web through the stadia controller and assistant functionality are included.

However, not all game needs to get 4k stream because some games such as Destiny 2 is running at the lower 1080p. For the 4k stream, you have to pay a monthly fee for stadia pro.
But the google promised to provide the game in best quality. Google 4k is of higher quality than Google 1080p.

One more amazing thing is that you could be able to use Stadia controller wirelessly when you are playing on the web. Some third-party controllers are already working wirelessly in which Dualshock 4 and the Bluetooth enabled version of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Stadia company says that we are coming with key benefit where we will add the features, and we are coming in the next three months with the following points.

1. 4k gaming support on the web
2. further and better assistant functionality while playing on the web
3. support for Android users.
4. Wireless gameplay
Stadia says we will share more new Stadia Pro games in February.

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