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Google ‘Lightsaber Escape’ game turns your smartphone into a light saber

Google has released a Star Wars game in its Chrome Web browser on the desktop computer where the player is invited to a smartphone that turns into light saber.

In partnership with Disney, Lucas film and its special effects subsidiary Industrial Light & Magic, Google launches a new Chrome Experiment. It takes the form of a game in the Web browser inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Lightsaber Escape is played in the web browser on Windows-equipped computer or OS X. If the experiment is designed for Google Chrome, the latest versions of browsers from Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge (IE11) and Safari are compatible with this game.

Players must first go to the site Lightsaber Escape (available in several languages) on their computer. A link available on mobile is given on the website. It will allow to calibrate the smartphone (not tablet) into a kind of lightsaber.

All smartphones are compatible but that is for example the case for the Nexus, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Moto G2. The choice of browsers will be more limited on Android and iOS with Google Chrome and Safari.

The computer becomes the playground and the smartphone turns into a lightsaber to achieve and escape from the clutches of the First Order. This intergalactic faction in the new Star Wars replaced the Empire Galactics but always with the Stormtroopers.

To play, you should connect the two devices on the same Wi-Fi network. The web application takes advantage of technologies such as WebGL (for the Web 3D). WebRTC and WebSockets allow for real-time communication between the smartphone and the computer while reducing latency. Technical details of the creation of the lightsaber are given in a case study.

Chrome experiments aim to go far in using HTML5 and JavaScript to show what it can do, based on web technologies. It is also not the first time that a communication between the smartphone and the computer is used in a Chrome experiment. This was for example in the case for mini-soccer games in the last World Cup in Brazil. Also, watch the gameplay video below:


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