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Gone Home for PC free this weekend

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Gone Home, the popular adventure game in first person of The Fullbright Company, is offered for free on PC, Linux and Mac this weekend, from now until 8AM Monday, November 14, available on the portal of


The versions for PC, Linux and Mac of Gone Home can be downloaded for free this weekend through website.

The announcement came on Twitter directly from the designer and co-founder of the development company, Steve Gaynor, whose statement is quoted below the article. Despite the title is in fact offered for free, it is good to know that anyone who wants to pay a sum at its discretion, it will be primarily devoted to a nonprofit organization that supports people from LGBT groups, and people living with HIV.

Gone Home is an exciting adventure that puts us in the shoes of a young woman who returns home in a village in Portland after a semester studying in Europe. However, upon arrival she finds the house empty and with no sign of her parents or her younger sister. The goal is to uncover the mystery of her disappearance, but along the way several very deep themes are played.

Fullbright is now working on its next game, Tacoma, an adventure that takes up part of the style of Gone Home but is set in a space station within a world of science fiction. The launch is scheduled for next year.

Gone Home was published in 2013. Would you take the opportunity to retrieve the title of The Fullbright Company? Let us know in the comment section below.

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