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GOG Winter Sale starts now with Free Games

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GOG, the download platform of video game without DRM, has just set up its winter sales operation, displaying many games on sale for the last month of 2015.

While Steam has recently ended its autumn sales, the GOG platform has launched its winter sales operation. For PC and Mac players, it means that new bargains are in order, with the interest that the purchased games are certified without any DRM. Offerings change regularly until the end of promotions on 13 December.

GOG Winter Sale
GOG Winter Sale

For now, it is possible to do good business by buying heavy titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sold at $29.99 (instead of 59.99 dollars), Metro Redux sold at $4.99 (instead of 19.99 dollars), Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition sold at 26.99 dollars (instead of 39.99 euros).

Whats more good news is that buyers will be entitled free games while shopping in the Big Winter Sale, with a free copy of Divine Divinity after spending $5 and also Blackguards Special Edition after spending $50 or more. It is also possible to enjoy some classic titles like Tex Murphy Overseer and Under a Killing Moon or Deus Ex (at 2.39 euros each).

Bundles are available with multiple games on the same theme, including Star Wars and LucasArts games. So hurry up and access the winter sales on now by visiting this url.

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